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Layaway Policy




Layaway Policy

Sometimes the perfect knife comes in our store or up on our site, and you just cannot spend all the money right then and there. That is why we offer layaway. If you have your heart set on something, but do not have the money right away, you are welcome to put an item on layaway. For those of you who do not know how a layaway works, you put a deposit down for a product and then make payments within the allotted time to pay it off. When the product is paid in full it can be picked up in the store or you can pay the shipping and have it shipped to you. It is not financing—you do not get the item until it is paid off. You can do that with your credit card. There is also sales tax if you are in California.


We have always offered layaway, and we like to keep it as simple as possible. However, we do have some conditions that you are agreeing to when you put a deposit down on an item with us. These conditions are there simply to discourage people from canceling layaway's or taking excessively long to pay off an item. Especially if it is a hard to get, one of a kind knife, if the layaway is canceled we are not only losing that sale, but we also lost out on the opportunity to have sold the item many other times while it was on layaway. So please take the agreement to pay off the item seriously.


Items Eligible for Layaway

Most items in the store are eligible. One of a kind knives that are new (just posted) cannot be put on layaway until they have been offered for sale for 2 weeks. There are exceptions, customers who buy on a regular basis whether online or over the counter who have not cancelled layaway's in the past may be eligible to put an item on layaway even if the product just arrived. If you have questions, please ask Dan, Russ, Yuko or Andrew.


Layaway Deposit

The first payment, or deposit, is 20% of the retail price plus sales tax if applicable (if bought or shipping with a Californian address) as well as shipping. Just let us know your preference on shipping UPS, USPS or FedEx and it can change slightly when ready to be picked up. Example: A $400 knife plus sales tax of $32 (if California) and shipping USPS insured $15 is $447, so the first payment is $89.40.


Layaway Time to Pay off

We give 60 days to pay off your layaway. There is no specific amount per week or month that is required, it just has to be paid off in that time period. In some cases for a larger purchase or if you just need longer we can allow more time but you have to ask. Otherwise the agreement is 60 days.


Layaway Time over Run

If you run longer and do not notify us there is a $20 charge, so keep us informed. We do not worry about a few days. 


Layaway Cancellation

There is a 10% fee of the layaway product’s value with the minimum being $15 if a layaway is canceled for any reason. It does take time to set these up, and putting items on layaway prevents it from being sold to someone else, so we want to discourage layaway's from being canceled.



So what do you want to put on layaway?

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