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Knife Sharpening




Russ will use Jostmar Jewelers as the main drop off location starting in March.

Jostmar is just below our old location in South Coast Plaza, so is on the first level in the Sears wing. Next to Foot Locker is a hall way for the rest rooms and Jostmar Jewlers. go down the hall way, follow the signs and its to the left, end of the hall way. They do watch repair, batterys as well as all jewelry repair also. There is a NEW minimum charge and all payments are in cash only. Also no scissors, knives only! If you have a bunch of questions, Russ will have email where you can ask him before droping them off. They are only a drop off and can not answer sharpening or knife questions.


In some cases there will be an extra charge to fix other business sharpening.


It has become more of an issue trying to fix knives that were run through these “do it all in one machines” and those who use a power stone. That is not how they were originally sharpened and it just chews up the knives. In most cases damage will remain but Russ can fix the edge unless it was burned up.

We do offer professional knife sharpening. All types of kitchen cutlery, some food processor blades, hunting knives, folding knives serrated & plain! Sorry we do not do ceramic blades or paper cutters. You can always ask & I will let you know if we can do it as we have done some strange items over the years! I do the scissors for the store but there are so many that can not be done that it is more of a challenge to figure out what can & what can not be done! So at this time please ask first!

My brother Russ does the knife sharpening & has been doing it for the past 33 years. He has developed quite a following reaching around the world of customers who wait until they are in the area to bring them to him. When Russ decided to join the family business & my time to do the sharpening became more limited, he agreed to learn how so over the period of a year or so I worked with him to develop his talent. He's better then I am now! My philosophy in sharpening he shares: "Do not remove any more steel then necessary & there is no reason to mark up the sides of the knives". We basically sharpen the edge the same as the manufactures by using different belt sanders depending on the requirements need to put the edge back on the knife. It is done free hand & not with any guides as there are too many variables.

We normally use a fine steel to finish the edge which is a little more toothy then doing it the fast way, by buffing the edge to a razor edge like most sharpeners do. If you know how to use a steel, you can also get a razor edge & the first time you cut through the crust on that roast or a nylon rope your edge will not crumble as it will with a polished edge from a buffer. Don't get me wrong, in some cases you need a polished edge but not for general use! We usually also cut things that are stronger then hair. If you want a buffed edge just ask we will put that edge on for you.

Also if there is damage to the edge such as a broken tip or a nick in the edge we can remove that depending on the situation. In some cases it is better to leave a nick in the edge & it will come out after a few sharpening unless it is real deep. The other major problem is knives get out of shape as they are used over a period of time. We can reshape the edge to make a chef knife cut from guard to tip most notably on J. A. Henckels forged cutlery as well as others. This of course is an extra charge & we need to see the knives first.

Broken tips on folding knives are always a challenge, but we can try! If you are not sure take a picture & e-mail it to us. No attachments please so make sure it is inserted into the e-mail! I will let you know if you can send it to us. If you need to send a normal picture in the mail we will call or e-mail you back with an answer before sending the knife in.

We will do what we can & always our best effort.


Knife Sharpening Pricing

Through November, and December Sharpening takes a few days! No while you wait service! Back to normal in January!

Kitchen Knives: $1.00 an inch of the cutting edge rounded up to the next inch on all knives.

Minimum of a $1.00 a knife

Example: 10" cooks knife would be $10.00 if it does not need re-shaping

Sorry we can not remove scratches on the side of your knives. If rusted we can clean but all the pitting underneath will still remain so the finish will still be uneven & it will rust again! This is an extra charge also


Sporting knives (Folding or fixed): These really vary as some knives are worse then others! $2.00 an inch of the cutting edge rounded up to the next inch is the approximant price. They just very a lot!

Serrated knives are the same price but all we can do is touch up the edge. We can get them pretty sharp & considering the amount of them we do people are pretty happy with Russ's work. We do note sharpen the back side that is not beveled until the edge is almost gone. No reason to do that if you know what you are doing! We can not put a new serrated edge on a plain edge.

Minimum of a $2.00 a knife


How long will my knives stay sharp after having them sharpened? : Impossible to say! It only takes a couple of cuts on a class, granite or other hard cutting board or surface to dull your knives. Please understand that depending on what you are cutting & what you are cutting into will determine that along with using a steel to keep the edge up. If you don't follow these guidelines they will dull pretty fast no matter the quality of the knives you have. Use soft wood or soft plastic cutting boards only. Also use your steel daily or weekly depending on how much you use your knives. The more you use it the longer they will stay sharp. Failure to do this results in dull knives! So we guarantee them to be sharp when you receive them back, but as to how long they will be sharp depends on you alone!


Turn Around Time: Usually a couple days. We ship UPS out of the store every day & unless requested we will always use UPS. If it needs through the post office it will be another day or two to get it out. Our post offices here are very slow & always a long wait so it will be at our convenience.

Shipping Charges: Our actual cost plus $2.00 handling charge

Shipping your knives: Please clean your knives & wrap them securely in newspaper putting extra padding towards the tips so they do not come through the side of the box. Post office does not like that! Ship them postage prepaid to us. Our address is on the "Contact Us" page. We will than contact you with a total by email or phone which ever works. You can also include your credit card information for billing, and we can just run it and send them back as soon as they are ready.

In closing: We do the best we can for a fair price to keep our doors open. If you are unsure, don't send your knives & save both of us a lot of trouble. Find someone in your area. If you have specific worry's please ask, but if you are being unreasonable after 28 years we have learned to say "try someone else please, we can't help you!" We very rarely have people question Russ's sharpening. I will be taking some before & after pictures & posting them here!

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